Queensland Police Department’s Segway Patroller Pilot

Queensland Police Department’s Segway Patroller Pilot


Queensland Police Department’s Segway Patroller Pilot Program Earns Positive Feedback

In 2013, Queensland became the first state in Australia to adopt legislation to allow Segway®Personal Transporters (PTs) to be ridden on public passage ways including footpaths and bikeways.

The Segway Patroller, which is a Segway PT that was designed with specific input from experienced law enforcement professionals, is currently being used by police departments in Brisbane and Cairns. The Queensland Police Department’s trial began in late 2013 and a similar pilot program was soon launched by the Noosa Heads Department.

Queensland Police Commissioner, Ian Stewart, was recently quoted in the local press as saying, “I see the trial being extended both in time and location to include places like Maroochydore, Mooloolaba shorefronts and ultimately the Gold Coast.”

He added, “This is about police using Segways as a platform to give us greater height above crowds so that our ability to survey incidents is enhanced. It also gives us a greater presence so people can see us from further away. (The Segway Patroller) is very well marked and is certainly identified rapidly as being on-duty police.”

via segway.com