Segway Presents Dean Kamen

Segway’s employees sat in the company cafeteria waiting for an employee meeting to begin when they heard the sound of a helicopter overhead. Was it Batman? Barack Obama? Even better, it was Dean Kamen, the Segway PT’s inventor, touching down on the back lawn of headquarters to share a keynote speech of sorts with the Segway team.

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Queensland Police Department’s Segway Patroller Pilot

Queensland Police Department’s Segway Patroller Pilot Program Earns Positive Feedback

In 2013, Queensland became the first state in Australia to adopt legislation to allow Segway®Personal Transporters (PTs) to be ridden on public passage ways including footpaths and bikeways.

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Segway to Sponsor the ‘Woz’ Challenge Cup

Segway Inc. will sponsor the closing ceremonies at the 2013 ‘Woz’ Challenge Cup, an international Segway polo tournament, which is hosted annually at different locales throughout the world.

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Australia Embraces Segway PT Regulations

Western Australia Enacts Legislation to Allow Segway PT Tours

Western Australia’s Transport Minister, Troy Buswell, recently announced that the state government enacted legislation that would allow for Segway Personal Transporter (PT) Tours on shared pathways.

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